Oumuamua to Be the First Visitor from Another Star System

After the event from 2017, when a mysterious object has passed our Sun and disappeared from view, it was thought that we had witnessed a rare occurrence. After some detailed…

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SpaceX Wins $69 Million Contract to Launch NASA’s DART Mission

NASA has awarded SpaceX a $69 million contract for the launch of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission, also known as the DART mission. DART will be lifted on a…

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The oldest known wild bird is new mom!

At 68, the female albatross nicknamed Wisdom is the oldest known wild bird in the world. Wisdom was banded for the first time in 1956, and his age was estimated…

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Photo by Milos Prelevic on Unsplash

Oceans will change color by 2100

The impact of global warming on phytoplankton will change the color of the ocean surface more quickly than originally thought, a new US study concludes. The color of the ocean…

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Raj Eiamworakul

Disable neurons to reduce pain: study

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in identifying and inactivating neurons in mice responsible for the discomfort and distress that accompany pain, without blocking the nerve signal that indicates…

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