ESA Telescope Could Save Our Lives in Case an Asteroid Hits Us

The European Space Agency (ESA) will create some simulations, which actually shows a terrifying picture of a potentially dangerous event.

The agency talked about a hypothetical event: it’s the year 2028, and they have been monitoring a very serious situation, an enormous asteroid that’s on its way to hitting Earth. They don’t know precisely the point in which it will strike. National governments have a plan: to evacuate millions of people, which will cause a massive disruption among people.

If they could fix the impact zone of the asteroid, they could avoid a disaster.

Why is this simulation important?

In this simulation, the final impact zone will be predicted by the Flyeye telescopes, which was designed and built by the ESA. The system will allow the world Governments to make the evacuations if they are based on precise data.

The European Space Agency said that in a hypothetical situation, the first prediction was between Tokyo and Copenhagen. However, the Flyeye telescope system managed to give a more precise collision space. This helped to save a lot of people from evacuation, and it gave the exact place where the evacuations should take place – within the areas of the trajectory of the asteroid.

The ESA presented this scenario in order to show how vital their set of Flyeye asteroid tracking telescopes was.

The Flyeye telescopes aim to find dangerous asteroids. There will be four Flyeye Telescopes placed around the world. The data collected by the telescopes will be then sent to the International Astronomical Union (IAU)’s Minor Planet Centre (USA),

The experts in asteroids will also work with other space agencies in order to get all the measures needed in case something like this happens.

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