GTA 6: Here’s Why a VR Mode and Special VR Missions Make So Much Sense

Even though Rockstar Games has yet to make any official announcements about GTA 6, we already know that the game is in the development phase. The game developer started expanding its team one month ago with job openings for posts such as programmers who can help create next-generation graphics. Therefore, GTA 6 is coming and there is no doubt about that especially when adding the fact that GTA 5 raked in more than one billion in profits for Rockstar Games.

As we already noted, Rockstar Games has yet to release any information about the upcoming game. However, this doesn’t mean that game analysts and industry experts are not talking about it. The most reoccurring and exciting rumor when the GTA 6 topic is being brought up in gaming communities is the introduction of VR technology.

VR Technology

VR technology is slowly but surely taking over the world. Tech manufacturers are releasing new headsets every other month and Sony has even launched the highly popular PlayStation VR. The next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft are expected to support VR technology and therefore, we believe that Rockstar Games wants to capitalize on that and introduce a VR mode into the game.

If introducing a VR mode to GTA 6 sounds a little bit too crazy, everyone should remember that GTA 5 can be played both in third-person and first-person mode. Rockstar Games has never been afraid of going the extra mile when it came to giving players fun ways to play their games and this is why the VR mode makes sense.

Special VR Missions

Rockstar Games could possibly decide that making a full VR mode for GTA 6 is too expensive only to have as a feature and this is where special VR missions come in. These missions will be available only for players who use VR headsets and they don’t have anything to do with the main story so that players who are not fans of VR don’t feel left out.

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