LG Has a New Foldable Smartphone Concept with Transparent Display

It appears that the future in technology is getting more Sci-Fi that we could imagine. We are talking about bigger and bigger screens for TV, OLED displays, and foldable smartphones. But foldable smartphones with a transparent display? LG is the one that will explore these new form factors with its new patent.

The US Patent and Trademark Office have granted LG’s patent for a foldable transparent phone. The patent was filed in 2015, and this could give you an insight into the ideas of tech companies have regarding technology. However, LG planned to create one half of the device with adjustable transparency, and the other half to have both a transparent part and an opaque part where the battery will be.

Moreover, LG isn’t the only company that has announced a foldable phone; Samsung and Huawei are the ones that have crazy and innovator ideas as well. LG, on the other hand, believed that is too soon to launch the foldable and settle for a second screen accessory for its upcoming LG V50. A little “problem” with those foldable smartphones will be the price. Neither one of the companies couldn’t give a price under $ 2,000.

Can LG Make it Happen?

Considering LG’s history on its display division, the company has come up with flexible screens and transparent displays. LG has many ideas about the complicated design of the foldable. They want the phone to have touch input at both the front and back no matter how you are holding the device. But the company’s patent shows that the essential and vital part of the foldable phone will be the hinge. If LG wants to have success with its new device, the hinge has to be a point of differentiation. Samsung and Huawei hadn’t offered information about the complicated piece of kit and about the mechanism that will do the unfolding and folding part. So, maybe an important piece will help us choose from the next generation foldable smartphones.

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