Fable will possibly release its 4th series, according to a new leak

Microsoft might have just announced the return of the Fable series. The iconic ARPG franchise has been listed in Microsoft’s streaming services, and it could mean that Fable 4 might be under development as we speak.

The Fable franchise hasn’t released any new series for the last ten years, and in spite of numerous rumors going around in the previous years, fans of the game are still in the blinds regarding a new series release.

A new rumor has made waves all around the internet with an alleged leak that appears to suggest that Fable 4 is going to be released sooner than we previously thought.

A Reddit user who goes by the name ‘snow9876’ captured and posted proof that the autofill games index on Mixer, more precisely the option to pick and display what game a user is playing, is offering players the Fable 4 option. This is definitely a weird thing, taking into account the fact that the game has not even been unveiled yet. This could have been a Mixer employee go ahead of themselves only two weeks until the E3 event or Microsoft starting to arrange some parts of its groundwork for the latest Fable series. We have yet to see.

It would be reasonable for Microsoft to be investing money in heavyweight first party games, taking into consideration the impending release of their next-generation console, the newest Xbox One. However, we shall see if Fable 4 is such a release-exclusive for the latest Xbox console.

The probability of a new series of the classic Fable excites fans and players. Fable 3 has gained lots of fans even if it has been an overlooked masterpiece of action role-playing games (RPG). Let’s hope this new leak is indeed correct and the series will be announced sometime in the future.

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