Intel is back with 10nm Ice Lake CPU

Intel is known for manufacturing motherboards chipsets, graphics chips, embedded processors and many more for Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple. However last years were not great for the American Multinational Corporation and Technology Company. The chip improvements stagnation and the struggle with two major computer processor security bugs, Meltdown and Spectre lead Apple to ditch Intel and start designing its own graphics processors and there is a high chance it won’t use Intel’s products by 2020.

Nevertheless, Intel is announcing the arrival of its first batch of 10nm CPU named “Ice Lake”. It will have a 14nm PCH companion and will start with 9W, 15W and 28 W parts with up to 4 cores, 8 threads and a 4.1 GHz turbo clock speed. As per Intel Ice Lake has double its performance in graphics of its previous 15W parts as Gen11 Integrated graphics now has 1.12 teraflops of FP32 compute power. This 15W processor is doing similar work to what a 28W processor of a thicker laptop is doing.

Ice Lake will have 2x faster HEVC encoding for higher quality video at lower file sizes. Will also have 2.5x the “AI performance” for leaning tasks like image recognition.

The three display pipes will support a 5K monitor at 60Hz or a 4K monitor at 120Hz with 10-bit color. Vesa Adaptive Sync is a standardized version of the motion-blur and screen-tearing reduction idea which was familiarized by Nvidia and AMD and is now supported by Intel. This would signify smoother gameplay even though the Intel’s graphics do not reach 60 frames per sec at even 1080p.

Besides Ice Lake, next Intel’s laptops will have speedy Wi-Fi 6 technologies and do-it-all Thunderbolt 3 port. As per Intel, the reduction of Thunderbolt complexity will save up to 300mW of power. For the Wi-Fi 6 there will be a small radio module that manufactures can buy.

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