5G Mobile Network is the Next-Generation Standard for Wireless Communication

While Samsung Galaxy S10 5G managed to provide 1Gbps download speeds the price is not affordable for average users. However things might change in the future.

MediaTek is a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company specialized in producing chips for wireless communication, HD television, handheld mobile devices and many more. Recently, the company has introduced launched its first 5G-capable chip which is performing high enough to be taken into consideration for flagship gadgets.

In a recent statement, Finbarr Moynihan, general manager of international sale at MediaTek said: “Ultimately, the OEMs make the decision about what features, memory, displays and cameras they put on a device and price it appropriately. We think this particular product is probably positioned more at the high end, but MediaTek’s focus on the longer term will come back to focus on the ‘new premium’ tier in the 5G generation as well.”

The MediaTek’s 5G chips are not the strongest, however the cost is lower.

How did MediaTek lower its 5G cost?

First of all MediaTek’s 5G chip will work only on sub-6 which are frequencies below 6 Ghz. Although sub-6 will not reach high speeds of mmWave networks, it will be able to extend farther covering a bigger geographical area. Shrunk to 7nm, the chip will use less silicon, reducing energy drain and therefore less heat will be produced. Unlike Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon X50/X55 models, the Helio M70 5G modem is built into the chip. “We’ve moved very aggressively into single-chip integration. A lot of solutions out there for 5G are hybrid fusion two-chip solutions. Those have size, cost, and power challenges that people have to deal with,” Moynihan reportedly said.

The MediaTek’s 5G chips will be launched in 2020, probably first in China. Although they are aiming to reach US market, for the time being there is no infrastructure for sub-6. The main reason to get 5G is very fast media uploading and downloading, from YouTube influencers to gaming streamers or just anyone who needs to download quickly something. This is why Moynihan is hoping that sub-6 flavor of 5G will become the high-volume, worldwide, mainstream 5G technology.

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