A Meteorite Exploded Over Ontario – Complex Camera Array

On the evening of July 24th, locals in the Great Lakes region had the chance to observe a rare vista as a fiery meteor traversed the sky. The object was observed by a large number of people and some institutions. Research from the University of West Ontario harnessed the power of the All-Sky Camera Network to take a closer look at the object. The complex camera array is a joint initiative between the university and NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office.

The event was quite impressive, and some researchers think that some fragments of the meteorite may have landed on the surface. A video which shows the explosion of the meteorite has been analyzed by experts who believe that some samples could be recovered. It is thought that astronomers could use them to learn more about the inner works of our solar system.

A large number of people who live in the Lake Ontario area saw the meteorite. It was also visible from more distant zones, as reports came from Detroit, Toledo and even New York. A professor from the University of West Ontario conformed that ten cameras which are a part of the Southern Ontario Meteor Network detected the flaming meteor.

According to the professor, a small number of fragments may have been released as the fireball was moving, and some of them may have landed on the ground as the burning object started to slow down as it fell through the lower sections of the atmosphere.

Multiple reports mention that the meteorite started to burn above the southern area of Oshawa, at an altitude of 93 kilometers (or 58 miles). At a size of 30 centimeters, it was small, but the light emitted by the object was spectacular. The object followed a northward trajectory before exploding over the western area of Bancroft.

Several small flares, which were deemed to be fragments of the rock, were also visible. It remains to be seen of the researchers will manage to track down some of the fragments for further studies.

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