Area 51 Raid Event Removed from Facebook

A somewhat coordinated event took place on Facebook in July that concerned raiding the Area 51 facility near Las Vegas, Nevada. The event gained a lot of traction online, gaining 2 million people that signed up to raid the facility. It was so popular that it even got a mention in a couple of the most popular talk shows in the US.

The Facebook page that was central to the event was recently taken down by the company as it violated community standards. Matthew Roberts, the creator of the page and the event, was not made aware of what exactly was the problem with his online activities.

What is Area 51?

The famed facility was built in the scarcely populated region of the US for the purpose of testing aircraft and nuclear weapons in the ‘50s. This is the official statement at least. The facility was made extremely famous after the Roswell incident in 1947, in which alien craft crashed down nearby and were recovered by the US army.

Some say this is true and the base was built to house and study the alien tech and possibly even alien bodies. Until recently, the US government has denied the existence of area 51 as a research base in the area.

Sticking with the official story that the facility is a test site for top-secret aircraft like the Lockheed U-2. This famous plane took center stage for the cover story of area 51 since 1955. The base is said to be linked with other facilities across the region with the help of underground rail networks that stretch for thousands of miles. No matter what has been going on at the facility, American citizens want to use their rights to be in the know.

Looking like the raid might be canceled

Mark Roberts was not serious about actually organizing 2 million people on the raid against the facility. All of its started as a joke by his own words. But after his main following has been demolished, along with a couple of other smaller initiatives on Facebook, he is determined to hold some sort of gathering near the facility. Roberts is gathering around 20.000 people on the 20th of September at the base tourist attraction center.

The event creator has stated that his wishes were not for people to storm the base, merely to gather around it and force some attention. The US government has advised citizens not to perform any sort of raid on the facility. But it is a subject that inspires wonder. What could the government do if millions of people suddenly marched on the base?

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