Russian Military Satellite Launched into Earth’s Orbit

The fourth Blagovest satellite was successfully launched on Earth’s orbit on July 6th from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The Blagovest satellite was launched on board of the Proton-M carrier rocket which had a Briz-M orbital insertion module. The Proton rocket has been set on its launch pad a few days prior, on July 2nd.

There are four Blagovest satellites in space

Blagovest 4 is part of a set of four geostationary satellites that have the purpose of sustaining Russian military communications.

The first Blagovest satellite was launched in August 2017, followed by the second one a year later, in April 2018. The same year, a third Blagovest satellite was launched in December, and the fourth was just sent to carry out its duty.

The Proton-M rocket that helped to launch Blagovest 4 into space was at its third flight of the year. It is comprised of three stages, all of them being powered by liquid rocket engines. The first stage of the rocket was ejected after two minutes, followed by its two other stages. The Breeze M upper stage succeeded in separating from the last stage of the Proton rocket after ten minutes. After this, Breeze M, which is a twin upper stage composed of a core module and a jettisonable tank, will help the satellite to be placed into orbit at 36,000 km (22,000 miles) above Earth.

All of the Blagovest satellites have been produced by ISS Reshetnev and are able to support high-speed internet, telephony, radio broadcasting, and a multitude of other services. They are based on the Ekspress-2000 bus which has two deployable solar arrays with five panels on each side. The satellites have been designated to last 15 years and are used also by civilians and not only by the military.

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