Recent Study: Brains Affected by Pollution

Intriguing new studies send us to another level of fear, making us question if there really exist the possibility to not get our brain at its proper capacity of functioning. Pollution might be the one to blame, but how sure could we be of this?

According to the World Health Organization, their recent studies showed some serious risks that we might encounter because of the pollution. Also, they stated that over 4 million deaths a year over the world occur, due to many diseases like heart attacks, lung cancer or strokes, all of these because of the polluted environment we live in.

A professor of pediatrics and chief of research from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, Kim Yolton, declared that each of our organs can suffer because of poor air quality, especially our brain.

Let’s take into consideration one of the best examples, some Ontarians who chose to spend their time next to one of the busiest roads out there. They developed after a while, dementia. Studies realized at a large population level, showed that the risks of developing dementia were bigger.

Further, Dr. Yolton explained how, after a close study involving the atmosphere, she and her team realized that one of the reason people tend to be more stressful or depressed is being influenced by the atmosphere. How so? She also offered a close view to the study she developed of 145 children, aged 12, who were highly exposed at traffic pollution. The children had a quite unusual level of myo-inocytol in their brains, and also, they showed some very high levels of anxiety.

To understand better, myo-inocytol is a chemical sugar molecule, one that has the role of getting rid of brain’s debris, also called the ‘trash collector’. This explains why the children had so many molecules like that. Their brains were infused in polluted substances.

On the other hand, researchers are still unsure how the polluted air could affect the brain so much. They believe that the way the pollutants make their way to the brain is done indirectly through the blood, and then in a more direct way, through the olfactory area, an area very close to the brain.

Besides the vehicular emissions, there is also the large biomass burning, that caused to the atmosphere to be so polluted. Precautions could take any time, from tested vehicles in B.C. to wearing respiration masks outside.

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