Bernie Sanders to tell the truth about Aliens if he is Elected President

Recently, Bernie Sanders was a guest of Joe Rogan’s Experience show and after an entire hour of intense discussion topics varying from gun control to drug decriminalization, Rogan asked the Vermont senator and Democratic party candidate a seemingly random question about aliens.

A man of comedy

Everybody knows that Bernie Sanders tends to add a bit of comedy to all his public apparitions, and the discussion with Joe Rogan was no exception. When asked if, in case he gets elected, Sanders will make public any sort of news regarding aliens or UFOs he learns about, the senator answered with a laugh: “My wife would demand that I let you know”.

The host of the show then asked if Sanders’ wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, is a UFO nut, and then senator assured him that she isn’t. He just joked about an announcement regarding alien information on Rogan’s show.

Hot subject

UFO enthusiasts and alien fans have long accused the United States government of hiding evidence of alien life and visitors from outer space, and this is still a hot topic, especially because of an event on social networks about an invasion of the government’s Area 51 military site.

Gaining popularity

Bernie Sanders is well known for his progressive policies, and he might have surely gained some new fans thanks to his statement that is appealing for UFO theorists.

However, there’s a great chance that the actual truth is very disappointing for alien lovers, so maybe it’s better if they keep fantasizing for now!

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